CoST to host US Summit for Democracy debate


At the US Summit for Democracy this week, CoST – the longstanding Infrastructure Transparency Initiative – invites business to discuss the role of infrastructure in human rights and democracy.

From the USA investing $1tn in infrastructure at home, to the EU announcing €300bn for projects abroad, the central role of infrastructure in tackling climate change and meeting UN sustainable development goals is presently being recognised. But how do we ensure infrastructure is always on the right side of that equation?

Much of the world’s more than $90tn infrastructure need is in countries that struggle to leverage private finance amid diverse risks that can include government instability and legal uncertainties.

Zlatina Loudjeva, partner at PwC and CoST strategic advisor, explained: “Since its founding CoST has brought together private sector, government and civil society to catalyse reform in the infrastructure sector. At a time of increased investment in the sector, this event provides a unique discussion between industry leaders on how greater collective action and transparency can drive better value from investment and meet pressing issues in the sector.”

In parts of the world, labour and human rights are limited, safety is sometimes neglected and issues of corruption can lead to bad outcomes for everyone. So it is clear that if we are to meet global ambitions, infrastructure delivery must work hard to establish strong institutional processes.

This is no less the case in light of the fine ambitions set out at COP26, given that the environment can pay a particularly high price for bad practice and questionable decisions made through unfair bidding processes.

This is why CoST is bringing together experts from across industry to hear about the challenges in establishing best practice around the world and to discuss the solutions as the Summit for Democracy gets underway.

Speaking at the event tomorrow at 1PM UTC will be:

  • Zlatina Loudjeva, partner, PwC and CoST strategic advisor
  • Roland de Marcellus, deputy assistant secretary of state, international finance and development, US Government
  • Nina Martin, deputy chief ethics and compliance officer, Bechtel
  • Betty Nakamya, president, Ugandan Association of Consulting Engineers
  • Simon Harrison, group head of strategy, Mott MacDonald
  • Nicolas Mariscal Torroella, chair, Marhnos Group, Mexico

You can register for this online event here.