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Cost of failing to act on corruption is rising, says FIDIC

Updated report highlights that not dealing with corruption is costing companies and the industry more over the past 12 months.

Industry future leaders highlight the ‘darker side’ of project delivery

Industry's future leaders warn that collective and individual responsibility is needed to tackle corruption, modern slavery and other 'difficult' challenges across global infrastructure delivery.

International development transparency gap revealed in new index

The first ever transparency index of international development operations reveals big gap between public finance (Sovereign) transparency and private-focused funding.

Dealing with dilemmas when tackling the disease of corruption

Professor Peter Guthrie writes on the need and opportunity to tackle the root causes of corruption.

Anti-corruption success can bring a huge boost to prosperity

Vice president at US infrastructure consultants RS&H sets out the scale of opportunity for addressing corruption in an economy or an industry.

World has strongest ever opportunity to tackle corruption

Despite some countries falling back, the world has never had better tools to tackle corruption, says anti-corruption campaigner Petter Matthews.

Taking the practical steps that can help crack corruption

Industry campaigners against corruption in the infrastructure sector have welcomed FIDIC’s latest report on the issue.

Corruption remains a global issue for infrastructure sector and needs addressing,...

Latest FIDIC State of the World report highlights the challenge of global corruption.

Multilateral development banks top aid transparency rankings

The 2022 Aid Transparency Index reports a gradual improvement across many organisations as it names the AfDB, World Bank, ADB and IDB the most transparent. 

Tony Barry – Corruption is an integrity and leadership challenge

How do we combat and condemn bribery, while promoting ethics, integrity and transparency during times of corruption and conflict?
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