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FIDIC signs key cooperation agreement with Ukraine ministry to aid reconstruction

New cooperation agreement between Ukraine government and global engineering federation FIDIC will assist with the reconstruction of the country.

Ukraine Reconstruction Summit: UK, USA, France and Poland make important announcements

The USA, UK, France and Poland led the morning’s announcements of new support for Ukraine’s reconstruction with money, logistics and business support to meet largest reconstruction needs since WW2.

EU for Ukraine Initiative announced

European Investment Bank approves interim reconstruction fund for Ukraine, providing priority project funding and technical assistance..

Ukraine reconstruction cost grows to €383bn, says World Bank, EU and...

A new joint assessment released by Ukraine and international partners reveals reconstruction costs following one year of invasion by Russia. 

World Bank plans $585m for Ukraine transport network

First $50m grant supports immediate humanitarian relief and recovery, and increase capacity of import and export corridors.

EBRD announces record investments in Moldova, Poland and Ukraine

Huge investment for Ukraine spurs rather than holds back major investments in neighbouring states.

Faster renewables are now a security imperative, says German chancellor.

German Chancellor says Russia’s invasion of Ukraine sped up German infrastructure, and promises the new pace of delivery will now be normal.

New EBRD exclusion rules prove timely for Ukraine invasion

Jan Jackholt, procurement director at the EBRD, sets out how the bank’s upgraded procurement framework proved extremely timely amid the invasion of Ukraine.

Ukraine, pandemic and rising inflation pose practical impacts for construction

As firms keep working in Ukraine, post-pandemic financing proves challenging and governments  suppress inflation data, industry leaders outline some of the real-world consequences. 

ADB president warns of four global risks

Asian Development Banks’s Masatsugu Asakawa warns that China’s slowdown, global financial instability, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the threat of new Covid variants are serious threats to Asia’s economic recovery and development. 
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