FIDIC’s latest State of the World report focuses on water


FIDIC is set to launch its latest State of the World report on the value of water at a webinar on 1 April.

FIDIC’s latest State of the World report will highlight the crucial issue of water, its value and the business case for change.

The report, Establishing the value of water – the business case for change will focus on innovative approaches to addressing global water challenges and taken in combination with FIDIC’s first State of the World report on the scale of the investment challenge, this report will help establish a way forward to improve the global infrastructure industry’s progress in addressing some of the key water challenges facing the world.

The report will also highlight the magnitude and importance of current and future water crises and feature essential solutions that can be adopted to ensure the world meets its current and future water demands.

Industry viewpoints featured in the report were provided by FIDIC Future Leaders council member and lead engineer (developments) at Bosch Projects, Jeshika Ramchund, FIDIC sustainable development committee member and Cardno general manager for water and environment Natalie Muir and Peter Guthrie, professor of engineering for sustainable development at the University of Cambridge.

FIDIC president William Howard commented: “FIDIC and the infrastructure sector more widely needs to communicate more clearly the importance of all elements of water in our daily lives and if the investment required is to take place.  It should not be underestimated that the challenge of providing universal services in the water sector is not a small one and it will require government decision-makers and the public sector to invest more in solutions and for the private sector also to step up and invest to play its role.”

The webinar on 1 April  is part of FIDIC’s efforts to more broadly communicate ‘state of the world’ issues around critical areas in the global infrastructure sector, including water, resilient infrastructure, net zero, smart contracting, smart cities and digital transformation

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Report contributors:

  • William Howard, President, FIDIC.
  • Peter Macy, President, Rockblue.
  • April GU, Professor, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University.
  • Miguel Mondria, Director General Técnico, Grupo TYPSA.
  • Jeshika Ramchund, Bosch Projects.
  • Adam Bialachowski, Chair, FIDIC Future Leaders Council and Vintage Consulting.
  • Tracey Ryan, Managing Director, Aurecon.
  • Jose Juarez Cornelio, Mexico FOA Consultores.
  • Stéphanie Groen, Director, Coastal and Climate Change Asia, Aurecon.
  • Professor Damian Helbling, Associate Professor, Cornell University.
  • Peter Guthrie, Professor, Cambridge University.
  • Cosmin Tobolcea, General Manager, Pro Toby.
  • Michele Kruger, Advisor to the Minister of Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation at Department of Water and Sanitation.