Monday 29 November 2021

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OECD plenary hears how to tackle infrastructure gaps

OECD initiative on global value chains, production transformation and development hears from FIDIC president on how to address infrastructure gaps.

FIDIC president: “Engineers need to step up and take a lead...

We interview Tony Barry, president of international engineering body, FIDIC, as they launch a global Climate Change Charter for engineers, companies and projects.  

“Engineers will be the best guarantors of efficiency in turning resources...

FIDIC vice president, Luis Villarroya, tells Infrastructure Global that we need governments to set a clear path on climate change, and that engineers must get better at telling the world about their solutions and impact. 

Global engineering climate change charter launched

International engineering federation FIDIC (the International Federation of Consulting Engineers) has launched a transformative plan of action for the global engineering industry to decarbonise.

“Increase public procurement advantage to firms reducing their emissions” Adam Bialachowski

B-Act Vintage Consulting’s chief executive talks about turning COP26 commitments into global outcomes through improved procurement, communications and use of best practice. 

New report suggests faster net zero can be achieved alongside circular...

FIDIC Head of Economic and Strategic Policy, Graham Pontin, has told a global audience what the latest research means for Net Zero and beyond.

Engineering specialists say professional education must improve to meet COP26 ambitions

Professor Peter Guthrie and civil engineer Collins Kibira have stressed that engineering firms and universities need to adapt how professionals are trained for a Net Zero world. 

Idriss Kathrada: Data and benchmarking can reflect diversity of ambitions

Idriss Kathrada, founder of Inoal, has called for better use of data to align diverse Net Zero plans across diverse actors and geographies beyond. 

FIDIC president: World is still too slow on Net Zero

Tony Barry issues warning that almost five years after the Paris Agreement, the world still doesn’t have sufficient commitments in place to tackle climate change. 

“Post-net zero must see focus shift to circular economy”, Jeshika Ramchund.

"There has never been more information in the public domain on  climate change mitigation and adaptation", writes Jeshika Ramchund, lead engineer for developments at Bosch Projects.
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