Wednesday 19 June 2024

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“FIDIC contracts are trusted as they promote the values clients want...

FIDIC’s chief executive explains the significance of the recent agreement signed with the World Bank that will see the international funding organisation adopt the use of nine FIDIC standard construction contracts for a further five years.

New sentiment survey to reveal global industry trends

A new global infrastructure sentiment survey is to be launched on 11 September, revealing for the first time a comprehensive picture of the global infrastructure sector. 

$64tn sustainable infrastructure gap revealed by new report

IG has been given early sight of a new report that reveals a far larger sustainability investment gap than previously estimated. 

Thirty projects selected for international merit award

Projects from across 14 different countries selected by experts for their social, economic and environmental impact on life around the world. 

Exclusive: Decarbonisation report looks to reshape project lifecycles

IG has been given early sight of the Global Leadership Forum’s report on decarbonisation – produced in collaboration with Ramboll and Arcadis ahead of its public release Singapore in September. 

Fast-growing FIDIC appoints new chief operating officer

Following significant growth in recent years, the international engineering federation FIDIC has appointed Eric Chiang as its new chief operating officer.

Exploring the diverse contract solutions for projects facing high inflation and...

Construction Law experts across Europe, the Middle East and Africa have discussed how industry is adapting to high inflation and significant supply challenges through their contractual, legal and other remedies.

Post-Covid world is a world of transition, says FIDIC CEO

CEO of FIDIC stresses that the new normal is technological, environmental and social transition - not five days a week in the office.

Global industry academy platform launched

FIDIC Academy has launched a new platform with industry leaders heading up diverse faculties and disciplines.

Dealing with dilemmas when tackling the disease of corruption

Professor Peter Guthrie writes on the need and opportunity to tackle the root causes of corruption.
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