FIDIC president: World is still too slow on Net Zero


Tony Barry issues warning that almost five years after the Paris Agreement, the world still doesn’t have sufficient commitments in place to tackle climate change. 

Speaking to a global audience about the need to achieve Net Zero and then go further, Tony Barry, president of international engineering body FIDIC, has warned the world has been too slow to act.

“We have been too slow as a world to reduce climate change emissions. Even going into COP26, global leaders are still not yet in agreement about what needs to be done and how fast it can be done.”

For that reason, he called on those who can move faster to do so for themselves. “It is time for a change in our strategic response. Those countries, companies and industries that can go faster must now go faster while those in the slow lane take longer to catch up.”

He also stressed that engineers must continue to use their expertise to press upon others that more can be done.

“As engineers, we work across the globe and we have the responsibility to inform and implement decarbonisation and reduce other greenhouse emissions.”

Tony Barry was speaking at the launch of “Net Zero – What Next?”, the latest research paper in the FIDIC State of the World series. You can read the full report here.