Wednesday 27 October 2021

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AIIB to quadruple annual climate spending

Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank aligns to Paris Agreement and sets out climate finance expectations up to 2030. 

“What a time to be starting out in engineering” – Mott...

Mike Haigh’s climate message to young engineers: “Your skills and training will make such a massive difference and that is really exciting.”
Wind turbines on a coastline

New ADB partnership will make sustainable infrastructure bankable

Asian Development Bank, HSBC, Temasek and Clifford Capital Holdings agree a deal to strengthen private investment in renewables, clean transport and water and waste management.

Henrik Garver: Engineers should be the ‘white knights’ of climate change

Global infrastructure sector must advocate for government targets and sustainability metrics, says managing director of Denmark's FRI.

Jeshika Ramchund: Sustainable communities need different infrastructure and skills

Unlock the potential of young populations and give engineers the space to innovate for resilience, says Jeshika Ramchund of Bosch Projects in South Africa.

Joseph Daniels: Sustainability depends on information

How can we change an industry overnight? How can we introduce products that enable such drastic change and meet such targets on such a large scale? Project Etopia CEO outlines the need to use better information.

Maria RĂłzpide: Environmental community planning has only just begun

Sustainability challenge is huge but so is our sector’s capacity for future transformation, says Typsa’s director of consulting and environmental assessment.

Hub and spoke communities won’t achieve resilience – Graham Pontin

The world needs to treat each city as inter-connected spheres of influence, explains Graham Pontin at the launch of new study.

Tony Barry: We must ask fundamental questions of ourselves

FIDIC chair poses fundamental questions to industry as time runs out to limit climate change.

AfDB to map Africa’s hydropower

Major programme to evaluate opportunities and quick wins in hydropower facilities across the continent.  
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