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EU unveils recommendations for 2040 climate target

The European Union unveils its ambitious climate agenda, but decisive actions are needed to make it a success.

FIDIC making a mark at COP28 in Dubai

International engineering federation FIDIC is taking its climate leadership message to the thousands gathering in Dubai for COP28.

Pre-COP28 events call for collective climate action

Arup’s pre-COP28 ‘Race to Transition’ Asia event series calls for accelerated collective climate action.

Industry week to focus on unlocking the benefits of net zero

Energy Security and Green Infrastructure Week from 6-10 November 2023 will shine a light on some of the key industry issues around how best to address climate change.

Closing $64 trillion infrastructure gap vital to achieve net zero, says...

Without massive investment in sustainable infrastructure, achieving net zero by 2050 won’t be possible according to a new industry report.

Net zero spotlight: Ghana draw up plans while facing consequences

Ghana has drawn up a detailed plan for its energy transition, leads its region in floating solar power but must to address the consequences of severe weather conditions. 

Net zero spotlight: Scotland seeks renewables investment solutions

Scotland's ambitious plans to be net zero by 2045 mean finding solutions for stalled pumped storage capacity, attracting offshore wind investment and addressing its oil and gas legacy.

UK announces plans for hundreds of new oil and gas projects

New commitments to future licensing rounds will see hundreds of licenses awarded despite controversy over climate change consequences. 

Scotland pushing for huge pumped storage revival

Consent granted for Drax to expand the Cruachan Power Station as Scotland looks to reignite a sector that hadn't grown for decades. abar

Net zero spotlight: Canada’s mega-project approach to carbon cutting and efficiency

Canada is a natural resource giant with the world's fourth largest land area and the world's largest territorial waters. Its approach to net zero appears to reflect that scale and nature.
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