FIDIC making a mark at COP28 in Dubai

AECOM's Robert Spencer, who is vice chair of FIDIC's sustainable development committee, speaking at a session at the COP28 conference in Dubai.

International engineering federation FIDIC is taking its climate leadership message to the thousands gathering in Dubai for COP28.

As the world gathers in Dubai for two weeks of intensive climate negotiations at COP28, international engineering federation FIDIC (the International Federation of Consulting Engineers) is taking its sustainability message to the delegates in the UAE and highlighting its net zero activities on behalf of the global engineering, construction and infrastructure sector.

FIDIC is being represented at COP28 by two members of its sustainable development committee, vice chair Robert Spencer from AECOM in the UK and Idriss Kathrada of Novasirhe in France. Both will be attending a range of events and sessions to highlight FIDIC’s position as a climate leader during the discussions in Dubai.

There is much hope amongst world leaders – and indeed the wider public – that this particular United Nations Climate Change Conference, the 28th held to date, will mark a significant turning point for climate action. The official COP28 website proclaims that the event is set to be “a milestone moment when the world will take stock of its progress on the Paris Agreement” and expectations are certainly high for the event in Dubai.

FIDIC has four key objectives for its presence at COP28 as follows: –

  1. Promoting the FIDIC/WWF Nature-Based Infrastructure Playbook – Actively showcasing and advocating for the playbook at key events and discussions during COP28 and highlighting the playbook’s role in promoting sustainable, nature-based solutions in infrastructure development, in line with FIDIC’s commitment to environmental stewardship.
  2. Expanding FIDIC’s network and raising awareness of its 2024 GLF Summit – Using COP28 as an opportunity to expand FIDIC’s network by engaging with influential stakeholders, policymakers and organisations. Incorporating the valuable insights and recommendations from Global Leadership Forum (GLF) white papers into discussions, emphasising their relevance in shaping sustainable infrastructure policies and promoting the 2024 GLF Summit in Geneva and its significance in shaping the future of sustainable infrastructure.
  3. Promoting FIDIC’s Climate Change Charter – Emphasising FIDIC’s commitment to sustainable infrastructure, carbon transparency and climate action, as outlined in the Climate Change Charter and advocating for the widespread adoption of the charter as a benchmark for environmentally responsible infrastructure projects.
  4. Positioning FIDIC as a climate leader – Seizing opportunities to demonstrate FIDIC’s leadership in climate action during the COP28 discussions and ensuring that FIDIC is recognised as a key advocate for sustainable engineering and climate resilience.

Commenting on the organisation’s presence at COP28, FIDIC CEO Dr Nelson Ogunshakin said: “FIDIC is very keen to burnish its credentials a climate leader at a leading global event like COP28 and we are delighted to be represented at the event through members of our sustainable development committee.

“In Dubai we will be reinforcing FIDIC’s commitment to sustainability, carbon transparency and climate action and through a number of engagements at the conference we aim to make a significant impact at COP28, promoting our new playbook, our Climate Change Charter, the Global Leadership Forum as well as positioning FIDIC and its members as leaders in the global fight against climate change and around strategies to address the key challenges we face.”