Latin America launches cross-border project investor hub


The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES), National Works and Public Services Bank of Mexico (Banobras) and the Latin American Association of Development Financing Institutions (ALIDE) create hub for investors.

The new IDB, BNDES, Banobras and ALIDE ‘projects hub’ has launched, giving investors a unified view of opportunities in Latin America, with strategic information being made available on the projects.

The plan behind the ‘Latam Projects Hub’ is to capitalise on BNDES’ portfolio of infrastructure and privatisation projects and the Banobras-sponsored Mexico Projects Hub as a starting point for the new regional portal, which will be expanded to other countries.

IDB representative in Brazil, Morgan Doyle, said: “Latin America and the Caribbean is full of opportunities for investors, and the platform aims to provide the adequate visibility. Our goal is allowing the investor to identify synergies or to escalate their investments, enabling the region to advance towards the infrastructure its citizens ask for – and deserve. This is the essence of our guide for the region’s sustainable recovery, our Vision 2025”.

The information available will grant projects more visibility and given investors a regional portfolio outlook, helping them prepare in a timely fashion to participate in bidding processes. It will also allow Financial Institutions to follow the regional infrastructure market.

BNDES president Gustavo Montezano, commented: “Having Brazilian assets positioned alongside other assets in the region is strategic, because it allows investors to see synergies in multinational operations. We are in a global competition where information and transparency are two essential assets for attracting capital.”

Along with its projected expansion to other countries, the new platform will have information on the financial, institutional, social, environmental, and climate sustainability of infrastructure projects, with support from the IDB.

BNDES vice president of concessions and privatisations, Fábio Abrahão explained: “A regional platform will allow infrastructure funds and operators around the world to identify investment opportunities. This is unprecedented and will facilitate attracting investors to the region, gaining access to markets that are currently unaware of these opportunities.”

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