KBR launches sustainable aviation fuel technology in alliance with Swedish Biofuels


New alliance formed to help aviation sector implement its sustainability objectives.

KBR has launched sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) technology in alliance with Swedish Biofuels AB, a technology developer and pioneer in cutting-edge research on biofuels.

The alliance extends KBR’s decarbonisation and energy transition portfolio into the aviation sector with a differentiated SAF offering. In addition to processing ethanol, the technology can also convert carbon dioxide and synthesis gas to SAF, thereby expanding opportunities for KBR’s clients to utilise captured carbon toward a cleaner, greener future. Validation of this advanced technology was performed in conjunction with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.

“We are thrilled to help the aviation sector in implementing solutions to advance their sustainability objectives,” said Doug Kelly, KBR president, technology. “Swedish Biofuels, the developer of the technology, has an unparalleled history of research and innovation in SAF and we are confident this technology will emerge as the leading SAF solution for our clients,” said Kelly.

Dr Angelica Hull, managing director of Swedish Biofuels, commented: “Our technology for producing sustainable aviation fuels will be instrumental in lowering CO2 emissions from the aviation sector and meeting net zero emission targets by 2030 and beyond. This technology is unique as it is ready-to-use real jet fuel as opposed to a blend component.

Swedish Biofuels delivers engineering solutions, process architecture and science for the production and conversion of alcohols to transport fuels and valuable chemicals from sustainable feedstocks. The company originally invented the original alcohol to jet technology, patented in 2004, for the production of fully formulated sustainable aviation fuels from alcohols (SAF).

The company has produced, sold and delivered fully formulated SAF for tests, certification and demonstration programmes in the US, UK, Sweden and Germany.