Wednesday 31 May 2023

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The technology for resilient cities is here, says Bentley senior director...

Tackling urban carbon emissions that while securing resilience will require major investment in new practical solutions and practices. We talk with Bentley Systems’ senior director of cities, Richard Vestner (RV), about how digital innovation can help.  

Digital transition means believing in our people, says Bentley Systems CIO

The pandemic sped up the digital transition. We talk with Bentley Systems senior vice president and chief information officer Claire Rutkowski ahead of the Global Infrastructure Conference about what industry should expect next and how it can adapt. 

EBRD launches Kosovo country plan

Highlands Highway Investment Programme to facilitate trade and improve access to jobs, markets and social services for three million people. 

EBRD green financing hit €5.4bn in 2021

Full year investment reaches €10.4bn, with green financing making up over 50% for the first time.

UNEP warns cities must change to meet 2030 objectives

UN Environment Programme report tells cities locked into unsustainable status quo to change path now as environmental crisis hits urban life. 

EBRD Green Cities doubles to €4bn

More than €5bn now mobilised to address environmental degradation across 52 cities.

Brčko to join EBRD Green Cities

Fourth Bosnia and Herzegovina city joins the programme as it launches major water sector upgrade.

Jeshika Ramchund: Sustainable communities need different infrastructure and skills

Unlock the potential of young populations and give engineers the space to innovate for resilience, says Jeshika Ramchund of Bosch Projects in South Africa.

Joseph Daniels: Sustainability depends on information

How can we change an industry overnight? How can we introduce products that enable such drastic change and meet such targets on such a large scale? Project Etopia CEO outlines the need to use better information.

Maria Rózpide: Environmental community planning has only just begun

Sustainability challenge is huge but so is our sector’s capacity for future transformation, says Typsa’s director of consulting and environmental assessment.
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