Global industry academy platform launched


FIDIC Academy has launched a new platform with industry leaders heading up diverse faculties and disciplines.

Following a period of research and investment to help the industry shape its own talent development needs, the FIDIC Academy (founded in 2021) has launched a new global platform for training that spans subjects from cyber-security to contract management.

Created to provide training and capacity building, the online platform provides access to paid-for and free education courses led by a network of global experts and trainers to ensure that the industry itself is providing the insights professionals most need.

FIDIC chief executive and academy vice chancellor Dr Nelson Ogunshakin OBE, explained: “We have assembled a fantastic group of practising technical and management experts across the global infrastructure sector to help shape the academy’s training offerings. FIDIC Academy deans of faculties and discipline heads have been appointed to deliver the best quality content and learning outcomes for the industry and I am delighted that we have been able to attract such experienced industry leaders to head up the various academy faculties and disciplines.”

Industry-shaped training

The infrastructure industry faces a major challenge in the coming years as it re-skills its people for new and emerging issues and agendas. From understanding climate risk to the rise of cyber threats and geopolitical instability, the pressures on the people working in every part of the infrastructure world have rarely been greater than they are today.

To help with that, the industry was invited to inform what training and education was most needed and what type of delivery would work best for companies and professionals.

In an interview with IG, FIDIC Academy general manager Michael Broadly explained: “Online learning of this sort is growing fast and will soon be a £30bn industry – so there is clearly recognition that it holds value. Our job is to ensure our industry takes its chance to inform its direction while it grows… Most importantly, we need the people and companies taking our courses to shape them. People are busy both at work and at home, so we must ensure that our courses provide best in class education and best in class methods. Otherwise, our industry risks losing good people by failing to maximise their potential.”

To help achieve that, the new FIDIC Academy website integrates with the academy’s training platform where clients will be able to choose, register and enrol directly onto relevant training courses after being offered more user-friendly guidance about which training event to choose. Broadley explained: “This all about making it easier for our clients across engineering, construction and infrastructure sector to choose the right training they need more efficiently and effectively than ever before.”