Saturday 28 January 2023

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EBRD commits €120m for rare metals recycling facility in Poland

Funds committed for facility in Poland to extract rare metals from automotive waste and electric vehicle batteries.

What does USA’s $369bn mean for green energy?

The USA’s Senate has passed a package worth £369bn of green energy measures to reduce inflation and tackle climate change. The implications for American energy infrastructure are big.

What’s actually in the newly passed infrastructure deal?

Lead pipes, electric vehicles and rail investment: Here's your simple guide to what's in the $1tn infrastructure bill president Biden is signing today. 

Will transport ever be truly green?

With global infrastructure leaders meeting later this week, we look at how transport infrastructure can become more sustainable despite severe legacy challenges.

Senate passes infrastructure budget but what’s in it?

Questions remain about whether bipartisan framework is enough to meet repair backlogs, upgrade technology and diminish climate change.

Vehicle battery recycling plant and labs planned for Europe

Funding announced for industry test sites and pioneering recycling centre.
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