Ramboll CEO seeks Danish-German green hydrogen collaboration

Wind turbines above low clouds

Potential for sustainable growth using renewable energy to form a world-leading green hydrogen cluster.

Denmark and Germany should build on their renewable energy strengths to become a combined global hub for green hydrogen production. That was the message given to ministers at a roundtable of industry leaders, hosted by Ramboll.

“It makes very good sense for Denmark and Germany to collaborate, as we are neighbouring countries,” explained Ramboll’s group chief executive, Jens-Peter Saul. “A Danish-German hydrogen cluster will resonate globally and attract investments, companies and expertise.”

Green hydrogen is completely carbon free, produced with renewable energy so that no greenhouse gases emissions are involved in splitting water into Hydrogen and Oxygen. The hydrogen can then be used directly as a fuel or synthesised into other sustainable fuels using Power-to-X technologies – something the Middle East and North Africa is investing heavily in.

Jens-Peter Saul and others across the energy and engineering sectors believe Denmark and Germany can become world leaders in the sector thanks to their historic leadership in renewable energy. “Together, we can establish a strong joint platform of know-how, innovation and production – benefitting both countries.”

His message was delivered as he hosted a roundtable event that brought together industry experts with Dan Jørgensen, Denmark’s Minister for Climate, Energy and Utilities, and Michael Westhagemann, Minister for Economy and Innovation in Hamburg.

The roundtable had 30 business leaders from companies in the energy market including offshore wind firm Ørsted and Halder Topsøe, the chemical processing specialists. They shared investor and infrastructure perspectives on green hydrogen and stressed how valuable it could be for the renewable sector.

Germany has earmarked €7bn to its hydrogen strategy to foster its domestic market and $2bn through its ‘Made in Germany’ strategy. Similarly, Denmark has also announced it will invest more than €100m in developing green fuels.

Troels Ranis, Director of the Danish Energy Industries Federation who co-hosted the event with Ramboll, commented: “Green hydrogen and Power-to-X offer vast opportunities for accelerating the green transition and may become an important emerging business area for Danish companies. A close collaboration with Hamburg and Northern Germany will give both countries an even stronger position in the race to become a global powerhouse.”

Jens-Peter Saul will be speaking at the Global Infrastructure Conference, where IG will be reporting live on what he and other global leaders have to say about a sustainable future after Covid-19.