Global leaders given preview of inaugural infrastructure sentiment survey


Attendees at the Global Leadership Forum (GLF) Summit in Geneva received an early look at a new global infrastructure sentiment survey, which sets out how industry leaders see the economic, sustainability and other prospects for global infrastructure.

The Global Infrastructure Sentiment Survey is a new dataset that brings together the outlook of global leaders spanning the whole infrastructure ecosystem including finance, operators and designers. Created by the Global Leadership Forum market intelligence think tank, the survey will become a regular assessment of the global infrastructure picture and provide trend analysis on the direction of travel.

On sustainability, the report examines industry sentiment on how widely sustainable solutions are sought by clients and how available green investment finance is for infrastructure. The report also examines how industry leaders see progress developing in procurement and contract clauses, along with economic sentiment relating to company finances and project activity across different types of clients.

Results break down by geographic region to highlight differences in the marketplace across the world, as well as breaking down positive or negative sentiments for different infrastructure sectors.

Graham Pontin, director of policy, external affairs and communications at FIDIC, told the summit that the results would expand over time and provide the ability to track each breakdown and help inform future decision-making in the infrastructure arena around the world.

The inaugural sentiment survey will be published over the coming months.