Arcadis buys HydroNet owner

Water in a reservoir set against an arid landscape

Arcadis has acquired a 70% stake in software used by thousands of water managers around the world.

Arcadis has acquired a 70% stake in Water Platform Company – a Dutch-based software firm that owns HydroNET – software that is used by thousands of water managers around the world.

HydroNET is a platform developed by HydroLogic that supports water managers in their decision-making. Arcadis is now expected to invest in further developing the software and to roll it out across its worldwide network. Hydrologic will retain a 30% stake in the company.

Climate change poses unprecedented challenges for water managers. Urban, agricultural and natural areas are all at risk from the impact of flooding, heatwaves and water shortages. HydroNET was designed to help water management professionals to better anticipating these extreme weather conditions by bringing together accurate weather and water management data in a single platform.

Arnold Lobbrecht, director at HydroLogic, commented: “We are very pleased with this exciting cooperation as it will enable us to further develop HydroNET sustainably. And it allows us to offer more impactful innovative solutions for water management professionals in tackling the challenges of climate change.”

Over 4,500 water management professionals, including regional water authorities, city councils and expert centres make use of HydroNET’s services at present and it is expected that Arcadis will now speed up the global rollout of the technology – with a strong initial focus on the United States and the United Kingdom.

Harm Albert Zanting, director at Arcadis commented: “HydroNET is a great addition to our portfolio, and it will significantly boost our digital ambitions. I very much look forward to our co-operation, knowing that our colleagues in the United States and the United Kingdom are excited to be able to offer HydroNET to their clients.”