AIIB partners with Global Infrastructure Bank


Partnership provides AIIB clients with access to GIF funds, knowledge and expertise.

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has announced it is to become a technical partner of the Global Infrastructure Facility (GIF). The GIF is the G20 global collaboration platform that integrates efforts to boost private investment in sustainable infrastructure projects across developing countries and emerging markets.

By working together, AIIB and GIF intend to leverage greater private capital to finance sustainable infrastructure projects across Asia. The partnership gives the AIIB access to GIF funds, knowledge and expertise to support clients in preparing infrastructure projects and attracting much-needed private capital into their infrastructure sectors.

As a GIF technical partner, AIIB will also enhance its collaboration with other multilateral development banks to support major infrastructure projects.

Joachim von Amsberg, AIIB vice president for policy and strategy said: β€œThe development and financing needs for complex infrastructure projects far exceed the capacity of the public sector. As a technical partner of GIF, we will be able to bridge gaps in the development and preparation of high quality and sustainable infrastructure projects, leverage private financing, and build capacity.”

The GIF was created to facilitate greater collective action among a wide range of partners – including donors, development finance institutions and country governments. As a result, it helps to leverage resources and expertise to help move forward bankable infrastructure projects that attract private financing.