AIIB debuts sustainable development ‘kangaroo’ bond

Australia from satellite view

Finance will support Infrastructure for Tomorrow mission.

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has issued an AUD500m sustainable development bond, the first sustainable bond it has issued since releasing its sustainable development bond framework.

The bond will support AIIB’s mission to finance Infrastructure for Tomorrow, supporting sustainable infrastructure across its members by focusing on projects that fall under its four thematic priorities of green infrastructure, connectivity and regional cooperation, technology-enabled infrastructure and private capital mobilization.

AIIB chief financial officer, Andrew Cross, said, “We are very pleased with the remarkable results of this landmark deal as well as the deepened relationship with the Australian investor base. We thank all investors and our bank partners for supporting AIIB’s commitment to sustainable development in Asia and the region.”

The bond saw strong take-up both in Australia and across the Asian region, demonstrating the continued growth of AIIB’s footprint across capital markets with a number of investors participating in an AIIB transaction for the first time.

AIIB treasurer Domenico Nardelli said, “With a borrowing program of $10bn which will continue to gradually increase going forward, AIIB will continue to build its presence in the capital markets as a frequent borrower.”

Infrastructure for Tomorrow has three key commitments that sit behind its work:

  • Addresses ecological impacts like water and air quality, biodiversity, pollution and climate change.
  • Projects with sound return on investment that raise economic growth and increase productivity.
  • Gives inclusive access, particularly to citizens excluded from access to infrastructure services.