Saturday 15 June 2024

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Ukraine reconstruction cost grows to €383bn, says World Bank, EU and...

A new joint assessment released by Ukraine and international partners reveals reconstruction costs following one year of invasion by Russia. 

CDB presents resilience framework to UN

New framework uses pre-and-post shock vulnerability data to identify the best recovery path and the investment need for small and vulnerable states.

IPCC: Exceeding 1.5°C climate rise now seems ‘inevitable’   

Last decade saw the highest ever global greenhouse gas emissions. Radical change now needed to bring global temperatures back down quickly when they rise beyond targeted 1.5°C.

Davos: China and India promote co-operation

Davos 2022 started with a call to ease tensions and harness diversity by working together, as the world’s most populous nations took centre stage. 

Industry offers help as UN appeals for record humanitarian aid  

Industry responds to $41bn appeal, offering its expertise and capacity to the UN and multi & bilateral development banks to provide a lasting response to dramatic escalation of famine, political turmoil and climate damage.  
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