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Aon: Natural disaster economic damage reaches €194bn in six months

New Aon report shows record number of large scale disasters in first half of 2023, with Turkey and Syria Earthquakes presenting big lessons. 

Annual survey to identify time and cost as key sources of...

While larger, more complex projects continue to be susceptible to global price and supply stresses, clients are seeing increasing benefits from early support from external advisors and proactive conflict management. 

A perfect storm of costs, risk and potential presents legal challenges

Victoria Tyson of Corbett & Co, writes for IG about the likelihood of growing legal challenges amid growing global shocks, and makes some suggestions about how to prepare. 

“Intensity of risk management is rising” says Aon’s Mark Peterson

The infrastructure industry faces rising risks to delivery that range from inflation and cyber security to the increasing complexity and scale of projects. We speak with Aon’s Mark Peterson about how industry is responding.

Professional liability: Expanding scope of indemnity insurance

In the fifth of a series of articles, FIDIC president Tony Barry looks at strategies for professional indemnity insurance against the backdrop of much changed professional liability conditions.  

Professional liability: Consumer and competition law

In the fourth of a series of articles, FIDIC president Tony Barry looks at how consumer law impacts on professional liability, pushing up costs and reducing scope for innovation across infrastructure.  

Professional liability: Expanding contractual obligations

In the third of a series of articles, FIDIC president Tony Barry looks at increasing complexity of contractual obligations and the challenges in managing fitness for purpose obligations. 

Professional liability: Bespoke head contract obligations

In the second of a new series of articles, FIDIC president Tony Barry looks at the risks faced from bespoke head contracts in which liability derives from combinations and permutations of multiple clauses. 

Professional liability: Why it is important

In the first of a new series of articles, FIDIC President Tony Barry looks at the expanding complexity of professional liability in recent decades, and how big an issue this is for global infrastructure delivery today. 
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