Wednesday 29 May 2024

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Innovation may require change in industry’s shape

Global Leadership Forum Summit delegates have debated research into infrastructure and climate change, with a view to reshaping the industry to improve its positive influence and innovation.

“The climate miracle is that we have so many solutions already”

We speak with the renowned innovator and chairman of Solar Impulse, Bertrand Piccard, as he prepares to lead climate discussions at the forthcoming Global Leadership Forum in Geneva.

BP launches search for offshore wind partners

Oil and gas giant launches campaign for innovators in offshore wind energy as it looks to become a global leader.

Keeping India’s economic development on track

The corporation was created to construct, maintain and operate 2,843km of double-track electrified railway tracks across India for $12bn.

Award-winning water treatment plant upgrade seen as a model for industry

How do you keep a water treatment plant operating while decarbonising it, improving its resilience, and expanding its capacity?  

Brazil’s Viaduct V3 saves forests with cable crane

How do you build a viaduct across a ravine and beside a mountain while minimising environmental impact? With a cable car and great precision.  

Engineers have the tools to rise to the decarbonisation challenge

We speak with BG Consulting Engineers group CEO, Pierre Epars about how important it is to take the right approach to decarbonisation.  

European Investment Bank approves new €8.6bn funding plan

New financing to accelerate innovation, water, energy, education, health and housing investment across Europe and around the world. 

Going digital, for infrastructure resilience – Greg Bentley

The CEO and chairperson of Bentley systems, writes for Infrastructure Global about the digital momentum created by Covid and the growing real-world impact of achieving new digital twin thresholds.

Industry leaders: “Data and technology is a human issue”

Global experts from across infrastructure and technologies sectors have warned industry not to delay its digital and technological transformation.
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