BP launches search for offshore wind partners


Oil and gas giant launches campaign for innovators in offshore wind energy as it looks to become a global leader.

As BP aims to become a global leader in offshore wind, it has launched an appeal for partners in the sector through three campaigns – focused on circularity, system integration and ecology. The energy giant is inviting contact from anyone, be they individuals to large-scale organisations, that has new ideas and innovations at any level of maturity.

Offshore wind presents huge potential to help achieve net zero. The Global Wind Energy Council predicts that 316GW will be installed by 2030. BP has extensive specialist experience in offshore energy and as its seeks to turn that expertise to building and operating a multi-gigawatt pipeline of wind farms, it is seeking innovative ways to do so sustainably.


BP is aiming to develop and operate offshore windfarms sustainability and is looking for concepts that can help eliminate waste and pollution within offshore wind, or assist with recycling materials.

As a result, it is seeking partners with innovative solutions that help to eliminate waste and pollution, circulate products and materials (at their highest value) and/or regenerate nature. 

System integration 

BP believes that offshore wind has the potential to be further integrated within the wider energy system, so it is also looking for partners that can increase flexibility and balance supply and demand for offshore wind energy.

This may involved innovators spanning a broad range of technologies in the area of electrification, energy storage, Power-to-X and digital management.


BP has a long-standing commitment to try to protect biodiversity and support nature-based solutions where it operates. It aims to incorporate this into its offshore windfarm operations and make a positive impact to restore, maintain and enhance biodiversity.

To incorporate this into its offshore wind operations, it is seeking innovators who can help to mitigate the impact of large-scale offshore windfarms on species above and below water, while offering the opportunity to provide much-needed support of the ecosystem.

If you have innovative technologies or practices for the offshore wind sector, whether they be related to circularity, system integration or ecology, more information on the BP campaign can be found here