Saturday 15 June 2024

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Net zero spotlight: Ghana draw up plans while facing consequences

Ghana has drawn up a detailed plan for its energy transition, leads its region in floating solar power but must to address the consequences of severe weather conditions. 

Net zero spotlight: Scotland seeks renewables investment solutions

Scotland's ambitious plans to be net zero by 2045 mean finding solutions for stalled pumped storage capacity, attracting offshore wind investment and addressing its oil and gas legacy.

Scotland pushing for huge pumped storage revival

Consent granted for Drax to expand the Cruachan Power Station as Scotland looks to reignite a sector that hadn't grown for decades. abar

EBRD announces €13.8m funding for Kyrgyz hydropower modernisation

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has announced funding to help the Kyrgyz Republic modernise its Levedinovskaya hydropower plant. 

AfDB backs 1,500MW Mozambique hydro plant

African Development Bank signs agreement with Gabinete de Implementação do Projecto Hidroeléctrico de Mphanda Nkuwa to provide advisory services for $4.5bn Mphanda Nkuwa project.

Hydropower Sustainability Fund opens to grant applicants

Hydropower developers and operators can apply for funding to assess a project’s sustainability performance.

Indonesia: Hydroelectric Power Plant to buffer intermittency of other renewables

Asahan No. 3 Hydroelectric Power Plant provides a great example of reliable renewable energy capacity alongside a big local impact on the communities around it.  

AfDB to map Africa’s hydropower

Major programme to evaluate opportunities and quick wins in hydropower facilities across the continent.  

Turning wastewater treatment pipes into micro-hydropower plants

While some have focused on how to use waste product sustainably, Hatch saw a very different opportunity at Halton, Canada – setting an innovative example that may be replicable around the world.  

Can energy infrastructure remake the world sustainably?

Imagine a $500m project could save $130m per year, cut carbon and raise living standards. That is actually happening right now and we need the tools to do more of it.
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