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Lack of anticipation amplifies geopolitical disruption

The infrastructure sector is facing unparalleled challenges right now. Or is it? We sit down with Pinsent Masons Partners Nicholas Brown and Sam Boyling, who point out old legal clauses have made an unexpected comeback.

“We can all learn from managing in a perma-crisis,” says Riskwell...

Managing your business in a crisis has become normal, but that is something we can adapt to, learn from and find opportunities in, says Chris Bird.

Ukraine, pandemic and rising inflation pose practical impacts for construction

As firms keep working in Ukraine, post-pandemic financing proves challenging and governments  suppress inflation data, industry leaders outline some of the real-world consequences. 

Legal limitations as infrastructure industry manages turmoil

Contract clauses, onerous obligations and challenges indexing inflation are highlighted by experts at global conference. 

Annual survey to identify time and cost as key sources of...

While larger, more complex projects continue to be susceptible to global price and supply stresses, clients are seeing increasing benefits from early support from external advisors and proactive conflict management. 

A perfect storm of costs, risk and potential presents legal challenges

Victoria Tyson of Corbett & Co, writes for IG about the likelihood of growing legal challenges amid growing global shocks, and makes some suggestions about how to prepare. 

Future leaders: Technological adoption of infrastructure delivery in Colombia  

Best practices aimed at standardisation and better training of staff in the construction of large projects have great potential in Colombia, writes cost and civil engineer Sebastián Santiago. 

Future leaders: De-risking of construction contracts in a changing climate  

LaToya Ouna explains that well-structured, clear, concise construction contracts from the procurement stage are key to successful infrastructure projects in an era of decarbonisation. 

Future leaders: Are FIDIC contracts a solution for public projects in...

FIDIC contracts will not magically solve all the issues in large public projects, but they would bring positive results in a desirable time, writes Mexican construction law specialist Juan Pablo Sandoval.

JICA’s Keisuke Fukui: Mandating dispute boards

Keisuke Fukui, director at the Japan International Co-operation Agency (JICA) makes clear the importance they place to standing boards amid some challenges.
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