Stantec to design master plan for Metropolis at Metrotown in Vancouver


A new mixed-use project is set to be one of Metro Vancouver’s largest and most prominent redevelopments.

Global integrated architecture and engineering firm Stantec has been selected to design the Metropolis at Metrotown redevelopment project, a transformation of a traditional retail mall into an iconic city centre for Burnaby, British Columbia. The firm would lead the development of the project’s master plan as executive architect, as well as guide the integrated design team to cohesively bring all the design elements together.

Metropolis’s 35-acre site development would be phased and built incrementally, creating a new and vibrant neighbourhood. The project would add residential housing, including 20% affordable units, sizeable street-front retail, expansion of the current Metrotower office complex, open space and public parks throughout the site and new entertainment and cultural spaces.

With a ‘people first’ concept at the heart of this transformation, the redevelopment would not only enhance the urban fabric but also foster a sense of community and connection to nature.

Pedestrian mobility and sustainable living would be prioritised in the design with extended bicycle routes and pedestrian pathways to encourage eco-friendly transportation through the site. The integration of an extensive network that facilitates active transportation, including connections to the Metrotown SkyTrain station and BC Parkway, would be a testament to the plan’s commitment to sustainable and accessible urban design.

Embracing sustainability and culture

Stantec’s approach to sustainability would be comprehensive, focusing on optimising resource flows, reducing water consumption and regenerating local ecosystems. The introduction of green streets would significantly increase tree coverage, contributing to the ecological health of the area.
At the heart of the development would be a robust retail sector, designed to increase liveable density and foster community connections. The integration of nature, resilience, and environmental and social sustainability would be central to the project’s vision.

Cultural enrichment would also be a key component, with plans for a performance centre and a dynamic public art programme that will host festivals and daily social interactions, enhancing the cultural vibrancy of Burnaby. The project’s emphasis on liveability and culture, including the creation of walkable living streets and engaging urban open spaces, underscores its potential to become a landmark destination that balances modern living with environmental consciousness.

The redevelopment of Burnaby’s urban landscape is a project that spans several years. The initial phase focuses on transforming seven distinct parcels located in the north west, south west, south east and eastern parts of the master plan.