Robin Greenleaf: Now is the time for global industry leadership


As the world’s infrastructure leaders came together for the first meeting of the Global Leadership Forum, we interviewed founding member Robin Greenleaf about the need for collective influence and change. 

For the first time, industry leaders have come together with a new forum to examine practical solutions to the world’s major challenges. We speak with Robin Greenleaf, CEO of Architectural Engineers Now IMEG, about why now.


With so much at stake in tackling climate change, achieving international development and meeting the UN SDGs, Greenleaf told us that collective influence can work and that industry leaders must look at both short term impact and long term planning. 


Greenleaf welcomed the tendency to share rather than hoard industry innovations as we tackle the great challenges of our age. She discussed the growing need to adapt infrastructure for greater resilience, highlighting the remarkable NOLA Veterans Affairs Hospital – arguably the most resilient building in the USA. 


Finally, she issued a call to action to stop letting things get in the way and do whatever is necessary to tackle climate change.