New book puts design at the heart of shaping positive change


Architecture and design firm Gensler launch book on the role of design in transforming global challenges into opportunities for positive change.

Global architecture, design and planning firm Gensler has launched a new book, Design for a Radically Changing World, co-authored by the firm’s global co-chairs Andy Cohen and Diane Hoskins, which offers a transformative perspective on design as a tool for societal and environmental impact that can shape a brighter future for all.

Design for a Radically Changing World is a powerful manifesto for building vibrant cities, revitalising communities, and enhancing wellbeing and shows how design can transcend aesthetics to confront such formidable global challenges climate change, inadequate urban infrastructure and social injustice.

“In Design for a Radically Changing World we delve into the profound impact that design has on our daily lives,” said Andy Cohen, global co-chair at Gensler. “As architects and designers, we have the privilege of creating impactful spaces where life’s most meaningful moments unfold. Our cities, now home to most of the global population, are at the forefront of this design revolution. The challenges they face, from climate change to the housing crisis, demand innovative design solutions that are both globally impactful and locally resonant. This book is our call to action to embrace design as a vital tool in shaping a humane and sustainable future,” said Cohen.

The book’s co-author, Diane Hoskins, global co-chair at Gensler, said: “Our journey in co-writing this book began amidst a world grappling with overlapping crises – from the Covid-19 pandemic and social injustice issues. These challenges underscore the need for a new approach to design with optimism at its core.

“At Gensler, we’ve always believed in embracing change positively, and this book reflects that ethos. We share our experiences of leading through adversity, demonstrating how design can be a force for good in times of radical change. Our goal is to inspire a shift in how we perceive and tackle the challenges our times, using design as a cornerstone for building a better, more resilient world.”

The book’s authors Andy Cohen and Diane Hoskins bring their significant experience as leaders of Gensler for close to 20 years and showcase the firm’s collaborative philosophy which reflects a shared commitment to innovation and sustainable design. Bringing together research, case studies, personal narratives, expert analysis and stunning photography, Design for a Radically Changing World offers inspiration and actionable advice.

Design for a Radically Changing World is not just a book for designers, it’s a call to action for everyone to engage with and appreciate the role of design in people’s lives. With a truly global perspective, the book also illustrates how design is integral to people’s daily experiences and the betterment of communities.

The book is available in all major bookstores and online platforms. It promises to be an influential read for business leaders, policy makers and anyone interested in the transformative power of design.

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