FIDIC’s Future Leaders Management Course awarded official CPD accreditation

Some of the the 2022 graduates of the FIDIC Future Leaders Management Course celebrating their success at FIDIC’s annual Global Infrastructure Conference in Geneva last September.

Accreditation award is set to make FIDIC’s popular online management learning programme even more attractive to applicants.

An industry-leading online management learning programme for rising engineers and other consulting professionals run by the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC), the FIDIC Future Leaders Management Course (FLMC), has this week been officially accredited by the CPD Certification Service.

The popular learning programme’s aim is to strengthen the business expertise of engineers and other professionals working in the field of consulting engineering and it also offers networking opportunities and an insight into FIDIC’s global activities. The programme entails a mix of case studies and webinars followed by an examination at the end of the process.

Accreditation by the CPD Certification Service for the FLMC is a further recognition of quality for this already respected industry leading training programme. With over 25 years’ experience providing continuing professional development training certification, the CPD Certification Service is the world’s leading organisation for those looking to get CPD certified for training courses and events.

Millions of professionals recognise the CPD Certified symbol as the qualitative benchmark that, not only reflects but also sets those standards. CPD submissions are assessed and certified against the universally accepted structured checklist which The CPD Certification Service has developed for more than 25 years.

Commenting on the awarding of official CPD accreditation for the FIDIC Future Leaders Management Course, Michael Broadley, general manager of the FIDIC Academy, which organises all FIDIC training and development activities, said: “We are delighted that the FIDIC FLMC has received this official CPD accreditation as it recognises the quality of the training that we deliver as part of the course and provides us with even more validation for this important industry qualification.

“We know that employers want their staff to receive CPD credits for the training that they undertake and having the FLMC officially accredited will be a big boost for the programme. It shows that the FLMC has been evaluated to the highest standards and with millions of professionals around the world recognising the CPD Certification Service’s certified symbol as the qualitative benchmark that sets high standards in training and development, those who sign up for the FIDIC Future Leaders Management Course can be confident that they will be receiving quality training and a quality qualification.”

Receiving the official CPD accreditation is set to make the FLMC programme even more attractive to applicants. Applications for the certificate’s 2023 cohort are currently open and applicants can find out more information and sign up on the FIDIC website

The CPD Certification Service’s quality marks are protected by international copyright legislation. Their recognised and authoritative CPD Member and CPD Certified symbols offer professionals, associations and educational training providers reassurance that the further learning achieves the qualitative standards required by all parties.