Bentley Systems buys


Bentley Acceleration Initiatives, Bentley Systems’ investment and incubation fund, acquires leading cloud-based environmental IoT platform.

Bentley Acceleration Initiatives has announced the acquisition of, provider of a leading cloud-based environmental internet of things (IoT) platform.

The acquisition will help Bentley augment its infrastructure IoT offering, expanding its footprint in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region. It will also strengthen its capabilities of providing evergreen infrastructure digital twins globally.

Digitising critical infrastructure and environments is key to creating a safer and more resilient world and is known for highly configurable and customisable cloud-based environmental IoT platform. It serves the water and met-ocean, meteorological and mesonet, air and noise and construction-related applications. is expected to complement the IoT technologies that Bentley previously acquired, including sensemetrics and Vista Data Vision. The combination of’s customisable monitoring platform with sensemetrics’ end-user-focused applications and Vista Data Vision’s self-hosted solution will help create a more holistic infrastructure IoT offering from Bentley Systems.

The acquisition also marks Bentley’s first step into the environmental monitoring market.

Cory Baldwin, vice president of infrastructure IoT at Bentley Systems, said: “We are very excited to have the team join us. Their years of experience in the sectors they serve, particularly water, are invaluable to us. Working jointly will enable the accelerated expansion of our cloud platform focused solely on simplifying the creation of evergreen digital twins connected with real-time, real-world data.” CEO Ben Starr added: “We are proud to be a part of Bentley’s global infrastructure engineering software solutions. We see great value in combining our customisable, environmentally-focused software with Bentley’s infrastructure IoT offering.

“Evergreen digital twins provide an opportunity for asset owners to combine and understand both internal and external information streams in real time, allowing for better protection and management of the asset and the surrounding environment. Bentley’s market share, global footprint and brand recognition will allow our technology to make a difference on a global stage.”