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Bright future at risk from climate change, says Lagos state governor

Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu: "The journey to drastically cut greenhouse gasses in our city, is a long one, but we cannot afford not to act. The cost of allowing rising sea levels and worsening climate events is too high."

Chongqing Rail Transit Loop Line leads communications-based train control

A high-density and mountainous city has shown how building Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) can help make a new metro line efficient and successful while its new train technology also cuts carbon.

Brazil’s Viaduct V3 saves forests with cable crane

How do you build a viaduct across a ravine and beside a mountain while minimising environmental impact? With a cable car and great precision.  

Somaliland land management strengthens construction capacity

Improving water and food security through land management and tackling erosion, is complicated. When it’s in Somaliland, it comes with an added challenge.

Future leaders: Technological adoption of infrastructure delivery in Colombia  

Best practices aimed at standardisation and better training of staff in the construction of large projects have great potential in Colombia, writes cost and civil engineer Sebastián Santiago. 

Future leaders: Sustainable consulting – maintaining flexibility and improving policies

Michael Walker explains why companies need to be honest and improve their offer to improve their retention, with significant benefits available when they do.

Future leaders: De-risking of construction contracts in a changing climate  

LaToya Ouna explains that well-structured, clear, concise construction contracts from the procurement stage are key to successful infrastructure projects in an era of decarbonisation. 

Future leaders: Are FIDIC contracts a solution for public projects in...

FIDIC contracts will not magically solve all the issues in large public projects, but they would bring positive results in a desirable time, writes Mexican construction law specialist Juan Pablo Sandoval.
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