Leading AI expert Didem Ün Ateş to give keynote address at global infrastructure summit

LotusAI chief executive Didem Ün Ateş will speak to infrastructure sector leaders in Geneva later this month.

LotusAI’s chief executive will offer her thoughts on all things AI at the 2024 Global Leadership Forum Summit in Geneva later this month.

AI expert and innovator Didem Ün Ateş, chief executive of LotusAI Ltd, will give a keynote address at FIDIC’s 2024 Global Leadership Forum Summit (GLF) when it meets in Geneva on 25-26 April 2024. The second annual GLF Summit, organised by the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC), will see around 100 of the world’s most influential infrastructure leaders gathering to exchange knowledge and discuss some of the key challenges and opportunities currently facing the industry.

Ün Ateş has a 26-year background spanning management consulting and key industry roles at companies like Microsoft and Schneider Electric. With expertise in AI, generative AI and responsible AI, she has led significant initiatives in AI strategy, diversity in technology and responsible AI practices. Her contributions have made substantial impacts on AI innovation and ethical technology development.

She recently served as the vice president, AI strategy and innovation, for Schneider Electric. In addition to defining Schneider’s AI/generative AI strategy and innovation roadmaps, her role also covered strategic partnerships, startups/VCs/PEs, academia, data and AI upskilling and responsible and sustainable AI.

Ün Ateş, a World Economic Forum AI Governance Alliance fellow, a Goldman Sachs Value Accelerator AI Council Advisor and a Forbes Tech Council member, is a passionate AI practitioner with multiple awards such as Tech Women 100 Champion and Trailblazer 50. She directly supported the birth and incubation of Microsoft Business AI Solutions at Microsoft Research and led the Alice Envisions the Future/ Girls in AI Hackathons which has since been developed into several diversity in AI programmes across Microsoft and its Fortune500 customers and partners.

She has also lead operationalisation of responsible AI at Accenture, Microsoft Customer and Partner Solutions, and Schneider Electric, putting her energy towards the future of AI and generative AI, operationalising responsible and sustainable AI practices. Prior to Schneider, she headed applied strategy, data and AI at the chief data office of Microsoft Customer and Partner Solutions, focusing on Microsoft’s largest data, AI, and metaverse engagements and partnerships including OpenAI.

Speaking to the Forbes website earlier this year on the impact of AI, Ün Ateş said: “What a year 2023 was. Even for us AI professionals, it’s been hard to keep up with the news (and drama) of AI – and especially generative AI. I expect 2024 to be no less active with Apple, AWS, Google and more players either coming into the landscape or accelerating their efforts.

“Last year was also remarkable for responsible AI, particularly when it came to generative AI. For years, passionate responsible AI champions like me have been evangelising the importance of this new field and advocating, treating it as any other business function (e.g. finance and HR) for the health and longevity of businesses.”

The second annual GLF Summit will look at the role of AI in infrastructure and its potential to transform the sector by optimising processes, reducing costs and enhancing safety in infrastructure projects. Attendees will also have an opportunity to contribute to a vital report on the use of AI in the infrastructure sector which will consider the challenges that need to be addressed collectively as an industry.

The summit, which will provide a platform for insightful discussions on the issues that matter in the world of infrastructure, will also enable attendees to take part in unrivalled networking opportunities with other construction, infrastructure and business leaders, making for a must-attend gathering in Geneva in April.

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