Monday 29 May 2023

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First global infrastructure leaders’ summit makes firm commitments to secure a...

Inaugural Global Leadership Forum Summit makes firm commitments to address the key infrastructure challenges facing the world.

“Hate the status quo,” clean tech pioneer Piccard tells infrastructure leaders

Explorer and clean technology pioneer Bertrand Piccard highlights the imperative of thinking and doing differently at the Global Leadership Forum in Geneva.

“It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you don’t care who...

Leaders discuss how the global infrastructure sector can collaborate more effectively to win the fight against climate change.

Infrastructure leadership summit gets underway with big-picture view of global challenges

First ever Global Leadership Forum Summit opens in Geneva with a keen focus on developing solutions to infrastructure challenges facing the world.

Business leaders are changing – and it’s good news for everyone

Today’s data-rich and more transparent working environments should result in better managers who lead with greater empathy and understanding, say Katriona Lord-Levins and Mark Coates of Bentley Systems.

Achieving project success through new model leadership

In a world full of complex construction projects, advancing technology alone won’t guarantee success argue Aczel’s Andrew McNaughton and Mark Coates of Bentley Systems. The...

Tony Barry – Corruption is an integrity and leadership challenge

How do we combat and condemn bribery, while promoting ethics, integrity and transparency during times of corruption and conflict?

New solutions to global water crisis emerging

Before the world’s infrastructure leaders come together on Friday, we look at three reports they should read if they want to solve global water problems.

Will transport ever be truly green?

With global infrastructure leaders meeting later this week, we look at how transport infrastructure can become more sustainable despite severe legacy challenges.

Can energy infrastructure remake the world sustainably?

Imagine a $500m project could save $130m per year, cut carbon and raise living standards. That is actually happening right now and we need the tools to do more of it.
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