Friday 19 July 2024

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Exploring the diverse contract solutions for projects facing high inflation and...

Construction Law experts across Europe, the Middle East and Africa have discussed how industry is adapting to high inflation and significant supply challenges through their contractual, legal and other remedies.

Lack of anticipation amplifies geopolitical disruption

The infrastructure sector is facing unparalleled challenges right now. Or is it? We sit down with Pinsent Masons Partners Nicholas Brown and Sam Boyling, who point out old legal clauses have made an unexpected comeback.

Ukraine, pandemic and rising inflation pose practical impacts for construction

As firms keep working in Ukraine, post-pandemic financing proves challenging and governments  suppress inflation data, industry leaders outline some of the real-world consequences. 

Legal limitations as infrastructure industry manages turmoil

Contract clauses, onerous obligations and challenges indexing inflation are highlighted by experts at global conference. 

“Intensity of risk management is rising” says Aon’s Mark Peterson

The infrastructure industry faces rising risks to delivery that range from inflation and cyber security to the increasing complexity and scale of projects. We speak with Aon’s Mark Peterson about how industry is responding.
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