Something for all in FIDIC 2021 live event series


International engineering federation FIDIC’s 2021 online events series features 22 webinar on a range of global industry issues.

International engineering federation FIDIC’s live events series for 2021, includes something of interest for all global consulting engineering and construction professionals, with 22 webinars covering a range of topics and issues.

Three free-to-attend webinar series have been organised to build on the success of the online events that FIDIC held in 2021 which saw thousands of industry professionals from around the world attending a series of Covid-19 webinars which helped to inform and educate the construction and infrastructure sector and bring professionals together during an unprecedented period for the industry.

The online events series kicked off last month with the first of a series of nine events organised by FIDIC’s committees to highlight some of the key areas being covered by their work. The FIDIC committee webinars will cover a range of industry key issues including communications, diversity and inclusion, the use of FIDIC contracts in emerging countries, combating corruption, quality, net zero and best business practice in a post-Covid world.

Following on from FIDIC’s webinars organised last year addressing issues around the pandemic, a new series of Covid-19 2021 events is planned to address ongoing and emerging issues arising from the global crisis. Given that the construction and infrastructure sector worldwide is still living and working with the effects of the pandemic, FIDIC’s Covid-19 Webinar Series 2021 will see six webinars addressing some of the key issues arising from the pandemic, the lessons to be learned and sharing best practices to benefit construction and infrastructure firms over the challenging months ahead.

The third series of FIDIC webinars in 2021 will support FIDIC’s new State of the World series of reports which will be launched on 18 February 2021 at an online event focusing on the scale of the investment challenge facing the global infrastructure sector. Recognising the urgent need by most governments to kickstart the national economy after Covid, future FIDIC State of the World webinars will cover the key issues of water, resilience infrastructure, net zero, smart contracting, and digital transformation.

Commenting on the series of 2021 webinars, FIDIC chief executive Dr Nelson Ogunshakin said: “Last year we saw thousands of people attend FIDIC’s online events from all over the world and the feedback we received from attendees shows that they found them extremely useful in facing up to the organisational and businesses challenges they face.

“Due to the ongoing restrictions on our activity brought on by the pandemic, our events in 2021 will mostly be online and I’m looking forward enormously to these three FIDIC webinar series which will discuss and debate the key issues facing the construction and infrastructure sector over the coming 12 months. The diverse programme of events we have organised with top quality, expert speakers means that there is something for everyone, no matter which sector of the industry you work in, and I would strongly urge people to sign up for these free webinars without delay.”

All 22 webinars are free to attend and will be held as live events on the Zoom webinar platform. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions of the speakers at each event.

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