São Paulo launches first smart affordable housing development


Around 2,500 high-quality, low-cost apartments are to be built in Brazil’s largest city.

Planet Smart City, a global leader in smart affordable housing, has partnered with Brazilian real-estate specialist InLoop to build more than 2,250 high-quality, low cost apartments in São Paulo, the largest city in the Americas by population. The innovative São Paulo development will be delivered through three projects, the first of which will be launched in 2020.

All 2,250 homes will integrate modern and functional design as well as a wide range of services that aim to offer residents more quality of life and convenience, through shared services and other amenities. The apartments will combine smart solutions across Planet Smart City’s four key areas: planning and architecture, technological systems, environment, and social innovation. Powered by the free Planet App, residents can manage energy consumption at home and keep informed with any local updates or community initiatives. Urban gardens, a library and other free shared space will also provide opportunities for locals to come and learn and live together, promoting a circular economy and improving quality of life for all.

“This is truly an innovative approach for Brazil where smart solutions and services are not a reality in affordable developments. We are raising the standards and offering much more value for money aligned to our mission to deliver better quality homes at affordable prices,” said Susanna Marchionni, Planet Smart City’s CEO in Brazil.
The launch in São Paulo strengthens Planet’s portfolio in Brazil, a key market for the company which focuses in countries with high housing deficits. It is estimated that 1.2m properties need to be built per year in Brazil within the next decade to meet the growing demand for housing. The deficit grew by 7% in just 10 years, from 2007 to 2017, reaching 7.78 million in 2017.

“The launch of our partnership with InLoop and the creation of a large-scale affordable housing development in a city as vast and vibrant as São Paulo represents a significant development for Planet Smart City. We are excited to use this opportunity to showcase how our unique concept can be rolled out worldwide, and in doing so giving people the opportunity to access innovative, affordable housing”, Marchionni added.

Planet Smart City transforms the way affordable housing is delivered worldwide through integrating smart solutions and social innovation practices on large-scale residential projects in areas with high housing deficits. Currently, the company is building Smart City Laguna and earlier this year, Planet announced the launch of its second smart city in Natal, which will house 15,000 residents just 20km from the capital of Rio Grande de Norte, in São Gonçalo do Amarante.

InLoop Holding CEO, Eduardo Peralta said: “We are looking forward to working with Planet Smart City, a business that shares our values and mission to improve access to quality housing and reduce Brazil’s fast-rising housing deficit. Our shared approach will see us invest in innovation and technology to deliver quality housing where it is needed.”

Planet Smart City’s global CEO, Gianni Savio said: “People are always at the centre of our project and São Paulo residents are going to have high-quality homes at affordable prices which will soon be available to them. By integrating technological, sustainable and social initiatives and best practices, our developments empower residents within more socially inclusive and collaborative communities that create long-lasting value.”