Find out how much governments are really investing in infrastructure


A new online InfraTracker tool shows how much the G20 governments are investing in infrastructure.

A new open-access tool that shows how much G20 countries invested in infrastructure in 2022 and how they allocated the investment has been launched this week by the Global Infrastructure Hub (GI Hub).

The InfraTracker, which illustrates G20 governments’ investment in infrastructure, is the first tool of its kind and scale to be developed with the cooperation of G20 governments. GI Hub says that the main aim with InfraTracker is to help governments learn from each other’s experiences as they shape infrastructure programmes and budgets to achieve the best outcomes.

GI Hub surveyed its government stakeholders about the InfraTracker data and they were informed that those stakeholders would use the data from other countries to help them identify innovative solutions, incentives and polices, benchmark with peer countries and also to gain visibility of national spending trends.

InfraTracker also responds to requests from the private sector for a transparent view of government spending priorities. When the GI Hub surveyed private sector investors, asset managers, advisors/consultants and contractors, they indicated that they would use InfraTracker’s investment in infrastructure estimates to support business development strategies and gain visibility of spending trends.

InfraTracker will be updated annually and using the interactive data tool users can track, visualise and compare G20 countries’ infrastructure investment. For the G20 overall and for each G20 country, users can see how much is invested in infrastructure by sector and subsector, how much central governments invest in infrastructure annually, how much is transferred from the central government to other levels of government for investment in infrastructure and also discover how much of the infrastructure investment targeted each of 14 identified transformative outcomes.

Click here to view the InfraTracker.