Bentley Systems and WSB launch digital twin partnership


Tech leaders and specialist consultant launch collaboration to strengthen adoption and use of digital twins among civil infrastructure owners and contractors.

WSB has launched a new digital construction management solution and advisory service, based on Bentley’s SYNCHRO, to help the civil infrastructure market overcome challenges in adopting model-based digital workflows and leveraging the power of construction digital twins.

WSB is the first firm to join the Bentley Digital Integrator Programme for construction to provide programmatic go-to-market support and knowledge transfer to eligible engineering and project delivery firms and system integrators creating and curating digital twins for their clients’ infrastructure assets.

Construction work around the world is still often based on 2D drawings, spreadsheets, and document-based workflows. This means that the opportunities to achieve fewer errors, less waste and reduced reworks are being missed, and more projects continue to run over budget and schedule.

Carsten Gerke, senior vice president of strategic partnerships with Bentley Systems, explained: “Owners and construction firms realise that new digital workflows are needed to meet infrastructure demands. Applying these digital workflows successfully requires a deep understanding of technology, processes, and data.

The Bentley Digital Integrator Programme is built around combining technology with subject matter expertise for improved infrastructure. WSB joining the programme provides a leapfrog opportunity for all our transportation users.”

Through a combination of industry-leading software, expertise and innovation, Bentley and WSB’s digital construction management initiative will help to shape the way infrastructure projects are delivered. Key services include enabling a single source of truth by connecting project, contract, and document management to the future of design—a 3D/4D/5D constructable model—as well as the ability to create constructable models from current 2D plan sets, which allows the transition to a single source of truth for all stakeholders. 

Jon Chiglo, chief operating officer of WSB, added “WSB is committed to delivering innovative, reliable, and secure solutions through the use of advanced technology. We believe the successful deployment of an operational 3D model drives transparency, maximizes return on investment, makes possible true lifecycle planning and drives collaboration to connect and align all stakeholders.

“We have an entire organisation that is leading, creating and innovating into our
digital future. Our partnership with Bentley is an important part of this vision and we are excited
to bring this digital construction management service to market.”

SYNCHRO, Bentley’s construction management software that supports the construction lifecycle with simple office-to-field workflows and gives firms insight into project performance, productivity, and financial health, is the foundation for WSB’s offering. SYNCHRO is the construction service of the Bentley Infrastructure Cloud leveraging digital twin technologies, powered by iTwin.